About me

Every human being already carries the most important and valuable solutions in himself...            I am firmly convinced of this!


I am convinced that we carry within us the answers to the questions that concern us.


"What's the point of having a coaching session then?"

... because these answers are often hidden deep inside us and therefore not easy to find.


Coaching is a bridge to these answers and brings you to discover them, to perceive them, to become aware of them and finally to see them written down on a piece of paper in front of you.


With the help of coaching we get a clear picture of what we really want and who we really are.

So clear that we can no longer say: "I don't know exactly ...".


If we take time to find out what our values are and what is really important to us, then nothing stands in our way - because then we can take the next step forward.


It can be helpful and liberating to confide in someone who does not come from your family or circle of friends. In this way you can let your emotions run free, unfiltered and without inhibitions, without hurting your loved ones verbally or virtually.


Of course, I guarantee 100% discretion.


As a Life and Performance Coach it is important to me to be value-free. Deep and important interpersonal conversations, empathy and self-development are very important to me. That's why I work as a coach.


I am looking forward to getting to know you :)


Eleonora Wojnar

ICI Integral Coach Living Sense (certified by Eduqua, ECA)



 Feedback from my coachings:

Translated from German language :

"I would like to thank you very much for your sensational commitment. Already your warm and perceptive reception has touched me most pleasantly ...

Professional introduction, not too many words, very clear. I was sensitively picked up with my topic and emphatically supported on my way to the goal.

This allowed me to feel and develop the strengthening of my resources.

I could feel my feelings through your specific questions and become aware of them... The coaching is sustainable and intensive. A huge thank you to you Eleonora. You did a great job... A soul coaching". - D.


"I liked the way of coaching very much. At the end of the coaching I had the feeling that I could take something with me... I find your way of leading the coaching very pleasant and professional. I felt well and perceived. Rarely have I experienced that an hour is over so quickly:) Your questions, your suggestions and the exercises were well coordinated and suitable. Thank you very much for that". - N.


"I felt well. You listened to me absolutely attentively. I noticed that you didn't evaluate my comments. I also felt your understanding. That did me so good! I was surprised that you could summarize so much information! For me the time I had for myself was also very noticeable, i.e. you created the space for it, I never felt pushed or rushed. - S.


"Eleonora Wojnar was able to give me good inspiration for positive, energetic thoughts with her empathetic coaching. Through her suggestions during the conversation I was made aware of further aids, and I think I have found another stone in the puzzle which will help me to master difficult situations more relaxed. - S.


"In conversation with Eleonora, I succeeded very well in defining my goal and clearly seeing and recording the path to it for myself. She led me professionally back to the crucial point where the main problem lies. Her techniques are easy to understand and very target-oriented. Her calm, thoughtful manner gave me the confidence to open up and work out a solution together. Months of back and forth could be resolved in an hour and I now see the solution to my problem crystal clear. I wish many people had the opportunity to book coaching with Eleonora to solve a problem." - C.


"Thank you for your competence and clarity as a coach! Also, your trust in our conversation and your openness towards me touched and helped me a lot. You have my respect and I have the hope that I am on the right track. I would like to thank you very much for your support. I trust you and like to continue working on my development! Thank you very much for everything". - J.