Performance Coaching



 I've been on stage since I was seven years old. As an academically trained singer I have done thousands of performances.


I haven't inherited a "I'm the best...look at me" feeling from my childhood. Nevertheless, thanks to my 20 years of practice and self-development, I enjoy the moments of appearance.


It makes no difference whether it is an interview, a lecture, an important meeting or a concert. You are in the focus... and this is something that most of us don't find easy: stage fright, abdominal pain, fear of failure, criticism and destructive thoughts can overcome us. But there is a way out!


Performance Coaching strengthens your self-confidence. Your anxiety will go back very quickly. With my stage experience I teach you "tools" to deal with fear and to break through the fear-triggering patterns and transform the negative energy into a positive one so that you can enjoy the performances.


I look forward to getting to know you and to accompanying you on this journey!

Performance Coaching: Krisenüberwindung und ein neuer Sinn im Leben

In every life there can be extraordinarily stressful and all previous visions of the future thrown off course. How can you overcome a severe life crisis, protect yourself from burnout and find a new meaning in life? In most cases you will not succeed in this new orientation with a view to the future alone. As an experienced coach in Basel, I am your contact person with experience and core competence. I will accompany you on your way and offer you performance coaching with which you will overcome inner blockages and see the proverbial light on the horizon. Every beginning is difficult, but nothing is impossible and through supervision and practice you will learn how to take responsibility for your life and find a new meaning in life after a crisis.



Professional or private stress leads to a life crisis that has to be overcome. No life plan goes as smoothly as you imagine and of course wish. If the stress gets out of hand, if you feel unsafe and overworked, this can lead to subsequent problems. You have long since ceased to see any real sense in what you are doing, but the way out seems blocked and there is no way to escape the vicious circle.


The performance coaching in Basel aims to strengthen your self-confidence and take away the fear of failure. Stage fright should be overcome and a confident appearance in front of an audience should be promoted.


Burnout can affect anyone. Even if this disease was originally known as manager's disease, we now know that the trigger is not primarily due to occupational overexertion. As a coach in Basel, I will show you how to go through life more confidently and learn to say no and not expect more tasks than feasible. As a result of the performance coaching, in which I give you valuable tips as a coach and pave the way, a new meaning in life will open up and you will realize that you can convert negative energy and fear into positive vibrations and strength.



Nobody likes to be criticized or questioned in their skills. No one can simply forget losses or negative experiences and start the next day without a memory. If you have to overcome a life crisis and find new courage, you shouldn't be alone. A look from the outside, an objective path and the expert support in Basel can be your start into a new phase of life with positive energies. If you cannot overcome the life crisis, you run the risk of burnout and you will doubt any meaning in your life. Life crises are not uncommon after the loss of a loved one, after a failed exam or after an application has been rejected. There are many situations that can throw you into deep self-doubt and bring darkness into your life. As an accomplished and passionate coach in Basel, I listen, look for solutions together with you and show you what new meaning in life is based on.


Performance coaching in Basel is a beginning on which you can build and start a new phase of life strengthened. You can protect yourself from burnout, overcome stage fright and exam fear and show your fellow men what you can do. In coaching you learn to break through fear-inducing patterns and convert negative energies into positive feelings. This is exactly where the art of a happy life lies, in which you feel meaning and, even in crisis situations, do not look back, but look to the future. Do you have any questions? I look forward to hearing from you.